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    Your Business Future:
    UP or Down?

    The future is the only place where the new opportunities live. The past offers lessons learned, and very little else. Your way of doing business IS obsolete, and your market is probably evaporating faster than sea-level is rising. Got any ideas?

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    Do you understand enough about the future to stay in the game?

    A friend recently sent me a link to an article about the future and going “all in on digital” to meet it. The points of interest to me, though, were the points that had the most general applications. This article suggested that we executives need to win four fights, mostly with ourselves:

    1. Fighting ignorance
    2. Fighting fear
    3. Fighting guesswork
    4. Fighting diffusion

    (from McKinsey Quarterly October 2018)

    In Optimizing Luck, we give the thinking executive the needed program to win those fights:

    1. Foster connections to the world (read: relationships), especially the part that affects your organization.
    2. Observe continuously by keeping track of news events, business news, pinging your connections to the world, and other real-world data.
    3. Think critically. No knee-jerk reactions unless time leaves no option.
    4. Work hard: If you do those first three things right, your efforts will be focused on the correct activities.
    5. Stay in it together with the working teams to get real-time feedback on your efforts to engage the future.

    (from Optimizing Luck, p. 17)

    That's the “quick-kill” listing of what to do. Over the next few weeks we'll unpack each of those bullets to present some simple, how-to examples. In the mean time, just to circle back to the McKinsey Quarterly article, give some thought as to how the right deployment of digital technology can amplify your ability to build on each of Optimizing Luck's five basic practices for powerful executive leadership.

    Thomas Meylan, Ph.D.
    Digital Clones, Inc.

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    Modern Enterprise Leadership and LO+FTTM

    Optimizing Luck Cover

    Study the present very carefully to build possible versions of the future.


    Generate strategic options based on those possible futures.


    Work quickly to create long lead times, and watch events carefully to select the best options.

    Optimizing Luck
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