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Back in the 1990s while working for a different company, a colleague and I were on an initial sales call to a prospective Fortune 500 client. My colleague attempted to assure this prospect that our company could meet this client's needs because, he said, “I understand your business better than you do.” Not even a qualifying “probably” in there. I suspect the prospective client disagreed because we never got a second appointment of any kind. I have to admit that I never really saw my colleague as an expert in the air freight industry.

Today by contrast, the Digital Clones LO+FTTM approach to problem solving in general, and digital transformation in particular, dictates that we take the following steps with you to get your transformation correct:

  • Come to an understanding of your real-world objectives for your specific transformation,

  • Survey the technologies that could be applied to realize your transformation,

  • Build out the technology requirements and integration plan leading to your new, transformation system

Huge Leaps and Digital Transformation

In the scientific field of physics, the traditions and methods of digital transformation are nearly 70 years old. The problems studied by astronomers and physicists are so complex that the time and personnel required to do research manually were in too short of supply. Digital computational methods have become increasingly important as the problems studied become ever more complex.

While in the NASA environment, my colleagues and I investigated the “do-huge-things-right-the-first-time” practices used at Goddard Space Flight Center to achieve success. In brief terms, the core principles clustered around a special way of looking at the future and how random, sometimes unforeseen, events would impact the success of a space mission. Very little time was spent making emotional evaluations of these unexpected events. Instead, the team always approached these events as exploitable.

We drafted our own methodology for digital transformation around these ideas, and called it LO+FTTM. It is short for Luck Optimization Plus Fault Tolerance. This “make-the-future” approach to success works on earth, works in space, and most likely can work for your organization, too.

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LO+FTTM for Real People

LO+FTTM shows how to recognize luck for what it is and, even better, how the leader can not only nurture his or her business environment to enhance the possibility of luck but take full advantage of it when it occurs. Dr. James Kalshoven, NASA Emeritus, Small Business Innovation Research Program Technology Manager
LO+FTTM provides excellent strategies to nurture women and men as creative leaders, so that the workplace of the future does not mirror that of the past. Donna J. Dean, Ph.D., National President, Association for Women in Science
The techniques you can build with LO+FTTM work. I had the good fortune to see them in practice firsthand when Dr. Meylan was on my team helping to build a consulting practice from initiation to a successful international service. Frank Vezzi, Operations Manager for a large international services firm