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Leadership — a life-enabling skill

It's all about taking control of your life. Create the personal power to do what you want to do. Get the decision makers in your life on board with your goals and ambitions.

Young leadership

Digital Clones is working on the Gifted and Talented Power series of ebooks to help kids and young adults build the powers of leadership into their lives. How might reading these together with your child improve both of your lives?

Senior leadership

Few people at the top know how to lead. How can you avoid crashing and burning? Digital Clones approaches to leadership success are built on experiences our team had leading NASA efforts. Don't worry: they'll work for you, too.

tech leadership

Is it time for you move up and run a technical team? If you've earned the needed respect from you team, learn how to guide individual strengths to move your team's goals forward.

lead, then relax

Feeling a little stressed? Digital Clones utilized the same mental principles used in our leadership materials to produced a series of regenerative music videos for the leader on the go.

How it works — The LO+FTTM Principle

Optimizing Luck Cover

Study the present very carefully
to build possible versions of the future.


Generate strategic options
based on those possible futures.


Work quickly to create long lead times,
and watch events carefully to select the best options.

leadership as a self-empowering skill


Gifted and Talented
Power Series


LO+FTTM Leadership
for Execs and Techs

Yellow Leaves

Music and Videos

LO+FTTM for Real People

LO+FTTM shows how to recognize luck for what it is and, even better, how the leader can not only nurture his or her business environment to enhance the possibility of luck but take full advantage of it when it occurs. Dr. James Kalshoven, NASA Emeritus, Small Business Innovation Research Program Technology Manager
LO+FTTM provides excellent strategies to nurture women and men as creative leaders, so that the workplace of the future does not mirror that of the past. Donna J. Dean, Ph.D., National President, Association for Women in Science
The techniques you can build with LO+FTTM work. I had the good fortune to see them in practice firsthand when Dr. Meylan was on my team helping to build a consulting practice from initiation to a successful international service. Frank Vezzi, Operations Manager for a large international services firm

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