Adaptive Habits vs. Frozen Habits

Adapt Systematically

Adaptive habits? Sounds crazy, no? You either have habits, or you're adapting, right? Wrong! If your environment changes and you don't, you're toast. As leaders, our habits include the continuous search for change, the continuous study of what these changes mean, and continuous experimentation to build ways to make the changes in the real world work for your organization.

Frozen, non-Adaptive

The petro-chemical companies, who now self-identify as energy companies, had the financial wherewithal to systematically augment their energy businesses with systematic R&D. It was not size that prevented this; their habits were frozen. The US automotive industry could have responded to Japanese imports back in the 1970s in a wide variety of ways. It was not size that prevented this; their habits were frozen.

Adaptivity as a Major Driver for Innovation

What are the household names of industry these days? Virgin, Google, Amazon, and all things Elon Musk. These organizations appear to be in continuous states of re-invention. They display powerful habits of adaptation. The LO+FTTM principle is a powerful tool to help your organization do the same.

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Presentations on LO+FTTM in the C-Suite

We would also be happy to supply speakers to your organization to present on the principles of LO+FTTM and how to use them to solve enterprise-level problems, or generate strategic plans that win. Send speaking enquiries to Speakers At DigitalClones Dot Biz.

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LO+FT Leadership programming is aimed at building adaptive and innovative mindsets in up-and-coming leaders within any kind of organization.

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LO+FTTM and Readiness to Engage the World

Dr. Meylan: LO+FT intimidates many people. What's the payoff for the effort?

Harby Tran, CEO, RockwoodBrown Advertising: LO+FT forces you to build new habits, which is especially valuable given the rapid evolution of the world's politics and economy. Furthermore, if you do the LO+FT approach well, you identify manageable limits to your situation much more quickly. It's still a lot more to manage, but it's well within the capabilities of the talented and ambitious.


How it works — The LO+FTTM Principle

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Study the present very carefully
to build possible versions of the future.


Generate strategic options
based on those possible futures.


Work quickly to create long lead times,
and watch events carefully to select the best options.

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