Bosses, New Habits, and Success

Boss — Not a Mindless Bully

Be the Boss by 12 is all about structuring a gifted child's self-image in a way that facilitates the formation of highly interactive, deeply engaged teams. Let's be blunt. At the grade school level the gifted child does not need a team to achieve goals. But in the near future the gifted kid will have bigger ambitions, and then a team will be vital. These great young kids might as well learn now to lead in a way that draws the best strengths out of their teammates.

Success and Confidence at the Team Level

Depending on the family culture, once a gifted kid grasps the nature of their capabilities, they gain personal confidence through the successful expression of the gift or talent. It's also often the case that a person with a deep sense of confidence sees the reasons why others should believe in themselves, too. This is a very powerful leadership trait. This kind of boss can often identify both the skills and the passions in a team member that can be applied to the team's objectives. Gifted people spot other peoples' gifts almost as if they can't help it.

Team Habits: The Definition of Corporate Culture

Even in an unpredictable world, consistently good habits usually win. The gifted boss understands this, and builds this powerful mindset into the team. This creates huge competitive advantages for the team. It leads to increasingly justified levels of confidence throughout the team. The key team habit is to pound through the difficulties until success is achieved.

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More on Be the Boss by 12

Be the Boss by 12 is a series of ebooks designed to help any gifted and talented child grow into a successful adult. The gifted child can add the skills of leadership to other gifts and talents. Such kids can build social habits that make school a richer experience. In their futures, the powers of leadership enable the gifted child to engage future decision-makers on a peer-to-peer footing to negotiate great career paths and compensation.

Finding Success by Changing Team Habits

Erik Lenderman: Hello folks. This is Erik Lenderman, and I'm back with Tom Meylan, former NASA scientist and astrophysicist. Today we're talking about Tom's interest in helping your gifted and talented children to become better leaders with his new book, Be the Boss by 12. Today we're talking about another chapter, which is “Habits and Being the Boss: Finding Success by Changing Habits.” So tell us, what kind of habits are these?

Thomas Meylan, Ph.D.: Well, in most cases, we're looking at a group, a team, could be a business. They already have a lot of things they do by nature. So, if we're looking at the grade school situation, we're looking at a population of young people who have not critically evaluated anything in their life, ever. The habits they bring to school from home are the habits they use there in class. If you're looking at some kind of grade school project, well, “This is the way do things together at home. Why doesn't it work here?” All right, so, if the gifted and talented kid can say, “Tell me more about this habit from home, and let's see if there's a way to change this or make it fit into what we have to do here.”

So, this is the type of thing we're talking about: Finding success by working with what's there. The teacher assigned you your fellow students, and so you're doing what you have to do.

But, when you see there are collisions between the way people are working, you have to be able to say, “Mmmm, OK, there's nobody evil here. There's just a lot of family values that are coming to this situation that aren't compatible for the things we need to do.” Maybe somebody can't work on Friday. Could happen. Maybe somebody else can't touch certain materials, for whatever reason. Maybe some people have just never worked in a group because in their house the maid does everything. I don't know. But, all of these different habits about interacting with people are coming from the home.

And even though this is a really tough thing to call on for a ten to twelve year old kid, they could at least still have the option, as a gifted and talented kid, of saying, “Well, look. OK, let's just schedule the work so that their on days that everyone can show up. And, instead of using these kinds of objects and materials, let's just take them off the table. Let's just do these things.” And you find a way to get a solution that everybody else can attach themselves to.

So, this is the type of thing we're talking about in that kind of a context. How do you make this work? How do you get this... So, a few little habits here, maybe you say you're not going to change them. Maybe you're going to avoid a piece. But this is the job of finding success within the skills that are present around the table.

Erik Lenderman: That's great, that's great! So, if you want your kids to learn the habits of being a leader, develop their skills, and build upon their already gifted capacities, go ahead and get a copy of Tom's book. You can click the link below the video, and you're going to get access, and continue watching these videos. Get your book, and follow along. And we're going to cover more content in just a moment.

Early Enthusiasm for Be the Boss by 12

Instead of simply reading the pages, I also imagined applying them to my own life. Not only did it make me understand the text more, but on some level to understand myself. 12-year-old from Northern Virginia

How it works — Prepare a Genius for Adult Life

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