Reading People Through Their Habits

Understand and Modify Your Habits — Then Understand and Modify Others'

Which habits? Well, first, the ones that get in your way, of course. The ones that cause you trouble. The ones that slow you down. Yours and, if you're the leader, everybody else's...unless...

You're too busy using your great habits to have time to use your bad habits!

Unseen Habits: Constrictive Supports of Comfort and Security

You know when we feel the greatest sense of comfort? When all of our undetectable habits fire away without challenge. We are on such a deeply ingrained autopilot that we aren't even aware of the habits managing our experience of the present.

You know what causes a lot of consternation? When our habits fail to deliver if faced with a change of conditions or circumstances. Any change can purturb us. Could be someone in the house finishes the box of your favorite breakfast cereal and you find the empy box. Could be three major storms blow through your region, like New England just got, disrupting school, work, and life in general. Habits are much easier to spot when they stop working.

Habits of Adaptation and Innovation

General habits of flexibility are key to passive forms of adaptability. What are the habits involved in proactive adaptability?

Those who are habitually visionary are often good at proactive adaptability. So are those who can get down to really concrete answers to the question, “What if...?” If you can't see that new world first, then you don't actually have any targets you can aim at, let alone hit. This is where the gifted and talented usually live, by habit. However, in many cases they will have to make use of the habit to build new methods, procedures, and dare I say, habits, to get themselves and their communities to the new world.

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Be the Boss by 12 is a series of ebooks designed to help any gifted and talented child grow into a successful adult. The gifted child can add the skills of leadership to other gifts and talents. Such kids can build social habits that make school a richer experience. In their futures, the powers of leadership enable the gifted child to engage future decision-makers on a peer-to-peer footing to negotiate great career paths and compensation.

Understanding people through their habits

Erik Lenderman: Hi folks. This is Erik Lenderman, back again with Dr. Tom Meylan, former NASA scientist and Ph.D. in astrophysics. Today we're talking about his new book, Be the Boss by 12, Volume Zero, Parents' Prep. So today we're going to talk about Chapter Five, “The Book's Method for Understanding People Through Their Habits.” So, Tom, if you could, tell us a little bit about what about what this chapter's designed to teach parents, and how are they going to then help their kids when raising their gifted and talented kids.

Thomas Meylan Ph.D.: The main series of Be the Boss by 12 is basically...One of the ways you could put this is that it's practical social science for grade school kids. Now, that's a big mouthful, right? But, I invented a specific kind of a system, and it's based on my own scientific training, I'll admit that. But the point is that the kids are all watching things carefully to start with.

And so what we're doing here is we're saying, “OK, watch what people do on a repeated basis. What do they do over and over again, either over and over through the day, or as the week goes on, you see 'this' happening.” Either the whole group has a habit, or an individual who's important in the classroom has a habit, and so you watch that.” And you try to start figuring out, “Why is that habit there?” And so, you're investigating this.

Now, the reason we're applying this is, to understand the habits starts with the gifted and talented kid themselves. What are the habits that the gifted and talented kid has that are, maybe, slowing them down; maybe preventing them from being the boss in their grade. So they need to learn a little bit about watching their own habits, and this is where it starts.

They say, “Oh, geez, this habit,” (maybe it's the family habit thing, right?) “I got this from my family. It's not helping me be the boss.” All right. So you discover that. Now, you need to change that. So, part of this goes from investigating the habits and finding the habits into forming a new habit that helps you train yourself to be the boss.

So it goes from habit discovery, habit understanding to habit transformation. So that you go from just being a gifted and talented kid waiting for stuff to happen to being a gifted and talented kid who can control their own habits, and then build habits into the rest of the world that helps them be the successful leader.

So there's a very specific system. It's detailed in this chapter in Volume Zero, but almost the entire series of Be the Boss by 12 is going to be using that system in every chapter, almost every page.

Erik Lenderman: That's great, that's great. So, folks, for parents, if you want to learn how to raise your gifted and talented kids, and train them in leadership skills, you can click the link below, get a copy of Tom's book, and stay tuned. We're going to have some more chapters coming up next, and we're going to tell you more and more about the book's contents. But, if you want to get the actual skills, the actual training, the actual strategies, click the link below to get a copy of the book, and you can actually see the content. So, we'll be back in just a moment. Stay tuned.

Early Enthusiasm for Be the Boss by 12

Be the Boss By 12 is a great guide for parents to help their bright children to become leaders in today's world. Some gifted children are naturally good leaders, but many shy away from the spotlight. This book series offers parents a way to encourage kids to reach their potential and to inspire others along the way. Great job Tom Meylan! Christy George, MFT, SEP, Counseling and Consulting

How it works — Prepare a Genius for Adult Life

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