Sanity Check: The World Runs on Competition

Preparing Gifted Kids for a Competitive World

The laws of physics clearly teach that the universe is a-boil with competing forces. If the competing forces forming a star are balanced, then it shines in a fairly constant way. If those competing forces aren't balanced, then the star either explodes and forms a nebula, or crashes in on itself and forms a black hole. Balanced forces don't change things. Imbalanced forces make things go.

In terms of our everyday, human existence, the question becomes, "Who are we going to let control the forces at play in our lives?"

Competing for a better life

I think my parents really wanted to believe that everyone in the whole world played nicely by the same rules. It's just not true. Even if everyone were playing by the same rules (which they aren't), no one understands the rules in the same ways. If a gifted child moves into adulthood believing that they will be treated fairly, they will frequently be disappointed. The gifted person needs to know how to negotiate for a fair deal. Often, they will need to know how to apply big forces in a situation to get things to move in the direction they want. They don't have to be mean, rude, or criminal about it. They just have to be effective competitors in a socially appropriate manner.

Competing for a better society

You know what happens when all the gifted and talented people in the world believe competition is wrong? They don't show up in social settings because just their appearance will create winners and losers. You know what the large scale effect of that is? Gifted and talented people don't show up to compete for large corporate leadership roles, or run for national level office. The world is extremely complicated, and needs the kind of system-level thinking a gifted person brings to the table. The talent vacuum at top levels is huge. We need to encourage the brightest and best to get involved, not hide away in solitude with their gifts.

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Be the Boss by 12 is a series of ebooks designed to help any gifted and talented child grow into a successful adult. The gifted child can add the skills of leadership to other gifts and talents. Such kids can build social habits that make school a richer experience. In their futures, the powers of leadership enable the gifted child to engage future decision-makers on a peer-to-peer footing to negotiate great career paths and compensation.

Leadership, Gifts, and Competing in Order to Stand Out

Hi! I'm Dr. Tom Meylan, and I'm the author of the Be the boss by 12 series. I want to talk to you about a chapter in Parents' Prep where we go into the notion of reality checks. And the most important reality check that we want you to have in mind as your child grows is the reality of competition in their everyday life, probably even starting now.

The reason why we want to make being the boss a part of your gifted kid's life is that being the boss is a social skill; it's an emotion-based social skill. It's a skill that people in your child's class are already responding to. If we can convince your child to take on characteristics of the boss now, while they're young, they'll have four, or five, or six years to develop the habits that leaders need as they grow into adulthood. So, we want to get an early start on this “being the boss business” and the competitive issues that being the boss can solve.

Now, in addition to being the boss for their own sakes, to promote their gifts, or their careers, or whatever, we're also thinking in larger terms. See, the government right now needs some gifted and talented people in it. Most of the large corporations in America also need gifted and talented leadership at the helm. There's a lot of crazy stuf going on; dumb mistakes being made; large scale harm being done, 'cause the people in government don't know how to handle those affairs. Some gifted and talented people in those larger scale positions could make a real big difference for the rest of us.

So, competition is important in getting elected. Competition is important in rising to the top of an organization. And, being the boss provides the skills that make those competitive skills work for your child.

Early Enthusiasm for Be the Boss by 12

Raising a child is not easy. If you have a gifted and talented child, it's an even bigger challenge. Many of them grow up without much support to realize the full potential of their unique abilities. Dr. Thomas Meylan, through his book series has done a masterful job of giving parents and gifted kids real, usable tools to succeed in life. Leadership is generally not an emphasis in traditional schools. This is a must read for parents, educators, psychologists, and others who care for the gifted and talented. Bharat Chitnavis, CEO VitalStatistix Inc., CO-Founder Gifted and Talented Network (LinkedIn), and parent of a gifted girl who started college at 13

How it works — Prepare a Genius for Adult Life

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