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Collaboration — A Common Instinct of Gifted People!

Why do I say that? Well, in addition to being true, it is also a bright beacon of empowerment for parents of gifted and talented children. You see, even when frictions run high between you and your child, you will often be able to find an issue on which you two can collaborate. Almost more than anything else, a gifted person is looking for active partners.

Just a kid, not an adversary

It's very easy to project our behavior patterns onto our kids and presume that they're pushing the same buttons we like to push. OK, sometimes they do that, but early in kids' lives they're usually just trying to sort a crazy universe out. It's always a safe fallback position to presume on the good faith of your child rather than on the sinister aspects of human nature that you might be more familiar with.

DIY Collaborative Learning

There is much power to be generated if the parent and the child can learn to be a good team. For example, parents often encounter conflict from the school system when they seek special services for their gifted child. Well, when my gang and I were kids, “gifted and talented” wasn't a thing. We all had to invent our own educational programs after hours, and we did very well. Just you and your child go and plan it all out for yourselves. Figure out what you can afford, and build it up yourselves.

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Be the Boss by 12 will be a game changer for parents as well as gifted and talented kids. This ebook series will open up a deep level of collaboration within many families.

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More on Be the Boss by 12

Be the Boss by 12 is a series of ebooks designed to help any gifted and talented child grow into a successful adult. The gifted child can add the skills of leadership to other gifts and talents. Such kids can build social habits that make school a richer experience. In their futures, the powers of leadership enable the gifted child to engage future decision-makers on a peer-to-peer footing to negotiate great career paths and compensation.

Parents' Prep: Introduction

Erik Lenderman: All right folks. This is Erik Lenderman. I'm here with Dr. Tom Meylan, former NASA scientist and Ph.D. in astrophysics, here talking about his newest book, Be the Boss by 12, Volume Zero, which is Parents' Prep. Tom, could you tell us a little bit about why you wrote this book? What is Volume Zero in relation to the other volumes?

Tom Meylan: Well, I've been doing investigations on how parents of gifted and talented children deal with having gifted and talented children, and there've been a number of places where I've looked up, in Facebook in particular, how the different groups that deal with gifted and talented parenting are working. And, there are large numbers of issues that these parents are facing. And it became clear that for me to just drop a volume of books on children on being The Boss, and basic leadership skills and things like that, was probably going to wig parents out. I mean, this is just another potentially confusing set of issues that a parent who might already be quite anxious about their child would have to deal with. So, this is the introduction, for the parents, to what Be the Boss by 12 is actually all about.

Again, it is about giving the child the tools to be self-determining, self-motivating. And also because of the special gifts that they do have, that they can maintain control over those gifts; that they're just not up to current market whims. You know, if they happen to be artists or musicians, are they going to sit around and wait to be discovered, or are they going to be a little bit more like Picasso and say, “Hey, I'm a great artist. You need to buy my stuff!”? And I'm opting for the latter.

So, that's the big motivation. And so, Volume Zero is the kick-off, for the parents, on understanding what the rest of the series will be explaining to their kids.

Erik Lenderman: Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you so much, Tom, for joining us. This is just a general introduction to the book. And we're going to go through a number of different chapters, and tell folks what's in the book; what you can expect to learn. And we're going to be back in just a moment with some more chapters for you to take a look at.

Early Enthusiasm for Be the Boss by 12

Be the Boss by 12: Parents' Prep makes it very clear parents should be encouraging their gifted children to stretch – not blindly accept what society states is normal. Acknowledging and encouraging the unique gifts and skills these children possess will only help society as a whole address problems our generation has been unable or unwilling to solve, by nurturing the potential for leadership they have. Eric Jorgensen, Director of Financial Services, TurningPoint Financial

How it works — Prepare a Genius for Adult Life

Boss by 12 Cover

The gifts will mostly take care of themselves.


Build emotional toughness
into the child's inner dialog.


Teach the child to project
the social cues of "The Boss."

Be the Boss by 12, Volume Zero: Parents' Prep
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